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SP733N series is using Low speed RPM technology with magnetic drive, 512 angular positions, plus all function in SP799N


  • Products Function

                                                                  - Magnetic levitation system (MLS) and

                                                                      self propelled balancing (SPBU). 

                                                                   - 512 angular positions.
                                                                   - Smart Position Locator (SPL).
                                                                   - Liner optical encoder (LOE). 
                                                                   - Advanced spin brake (ASB). 
                                                                   - Quadruple frequency multiplier (QFM).
                                                                   - Automatic wheel data input.
                                                                   - Smart User saver. 11 modes of balancing.

                                                                      Visual Leaser Technology (VLT).
                                                                   - Low speed Technology (90-120RPM)


  • Parameters

  • Product Features
  • Standard Accessories
  • Optional Acessories
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