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COSENG C233SUPER  is a super automatic tire changer, designed for tire specialists with its sufficient features  particularly recommended for RUN-flat, low-profile and reversed tire. It is suitable for car wheels having rim size from 10” to 26”.

Professional -C233SUPER
  • Products Function

                                                                COSENG designed double structure cabinet : 

                                                                -Capable to mount Heavy duty tires 

                                                               -Strengthened vertical post is not subject to flexion during heavy work operation.   

                                                              Golden Clamping slide guide: 

                                                               -Special treatment extends life time on slide guide and jaw.  

                                                              Powerful Bead Breaking System :

                                                              -Acquire 200mm cylinder that generates 2500Kgf bead breaker cylinder Bead break run flat tires 

                                                             -Adjustable bead breaker shovel (on GB and GC) :  2 levels adjustment to change the bead break distance up to 355mm. 

                                                             -Capable to handle tire width up to 340mm Complete 

                                                             Rim Protection : 

                                                             -Supply plastic protection tools to reduce rim damage during mounting or demounting and bead breaking process. 

                                                             -Plastic protector on bead breaker shovel , jaw, mounting head and lever. 

                                                             Titanium-alike mounting head : 

                                                            -Strong mounting head but no damage on tyres. 

                                                            -Special treatment on mounting head gives extra harden on material. 

                                                             Solid Pedal control

                                                            -Pedal control assembly is a front extractable drawer design for easy maintenance, 

                                                            -Plus COSENG design 5 way valve to avoid any leakage from the value.

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